Fitting a fan onto back of Primary Mirror

Hi there

For a fan to blow air up the tube you will need

Uniross power adaptor 3v-12v

Universal Car Adaptor (for trips out)

Outdoor 12v cable (Per 2 metre i bought 8 metres to lead out into the garden and also from car when out)

80mm Fan

Here are intructions on how to mount the 80mm fan

I have mounted my fan onto a cardboard disc covered in electrical insulation tape with a 80mm hole in the middle and some holes for 3 elastic bands to hook onto tube i’ve used a disc thats 235mm so i can still access collimation screws. I’ve worked out your disc would have to be 157mm approx. The Fan is held on by blue tack you could also used superglue or stick on Velcro

To hook disc to the tube you will need to swap three of the six screws holding primary to the tube with three small thumb screws, I’ve used ones from my spare focuser and my barlow

To power the fan firstly cut the plug off and strip to wire

(Also repeat this step for Car Adaptor)

Connect wires from Adaptor to Outdoor cable (wire with white stripe from Adaptor to wire with writing on outdoor wire and other one Black to Black)

Connect wires from Outdoor cable to Fan (Wire with writing on outdoor cable to Red wire Fan and other one Black to Black

I run it at 12V all the time and turn it down to 3V when a Plane comes over to take pictures

All the best

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