Perfect Seeing Conditions

I found these articles most helpful in predicting best weather conditions for contrail spotting (jetstream forecast) (UK heatmap)

Checklist I usually go by

1. Clear Blue Sky (No Cirrus)

2. High Pressure (1010mb or above)

3. Winds that have come over grass or water

4. No jetstream winds on forecast map

5. High Hill

6. Location near grass or water away from the heat radiating from houses

7. Location where sun is behind you giving you lighting

8. October-March all day shots as sun low in the sky

9. May-September 2 Hours 40 Minutes after sunrise and before sunset as sun low in the sky

10. Ventilate Scope with small fan so air passing inside the scope is the same temperature  as outside air (Skywatcher Instructions below as Revelation scopes come with fan already fitted)

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