Hi there

I do contrail spotting from my home in north Leeds just south east of LBA, flight routes UL46 going West direct to REMSI and north on UL613 direct to ABEVY/TALLA and UY250 direct to GASKO. I use a 12inch Dobson Telescope to spot and when conditions are perfect i’ll take pictures with dslr and 2x Barlow Mag Lense.
I got routes from NATS
I’ve started this Blog for fellow spotters to upload their shots, compare tips and tricks to obtain perfect shots i.e weather conditions, scope settings and the best locations that you have all been to spot


2 Responses to About

  1. Father says:

    Hi, nice website! Have you tried 128.125 for the waypoints you have listed on your charts? you can also use this freq when loking at flightradar24

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